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Shifting Gears is Hiring ~ Recreation Program Developer 


Recreation Program Developer

Job Summary: Assist Shifting Gears Board of Directors in implementing programs during the COVID-2019 pandemic: the Summer Mountain Bike Program and a new Breaking Down Barriers Program. The Program Developer will adapt previous program structures that mitigate risks while also maintaining the organization’s values of inclusivity and accessibility when implementing these 2021 activities.

Contracted position for six months (April - September), with the potential to develop into permanent position.

Part-time: 20 hours/week or 80 hours/month (Hours will vary based on programming needs)

Rate of pay: $20 per hour


  • Summer Mountain Bike Program:

    • Adapt and launch pre-existing Shifting Gears program to include COVID safety protocols. This program will run in the summer months of 2021. The Program Developer will be responsible for:

    • Re-launch of mountain bike program

    • Volunteer recruitment, training and coordination

    • COVID protocol development

    • Develop a culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach strategy including promotional materials and information.

    • Participant support and communication

  • Breaking Down Barriers Program: Develop and launch new Shifting Gears community program. This program will launch in Spring 2021 and run for 4 months. This program aims to connect women who are interested in learning more about a specific outdoor activity with the resources that they need in order to take that next step in exploring their interest. It is intended to complement the in person programming opportunities (bike rides, hikes, etc.) that we offer to community members. The Program Developer will be responsible for:

    • Working in tandem with the Shifting Gears Program Committee (composed of board members) to develop and launch this new pilot program.

    • Develop structural procedures and protocols for all aspects of program components.

    • Volunteer recruitment, training and coordination

    • Develop a culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach strategy including promotional materials and information.

    • Participant support and communication

    • Ensure that program development considers the unique needs of underserved populations. Assure that our volunteers are aware and sensitive to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and community resources.

    • Breakdown technology barriers by providing multiple ways for participants to communicate and participate.

    • Post-program: provide Shifting Gears with a program procedural manual.


  • Excitement to work towards creating a more equitable and inclusive recreation community

  • Demonstrable experience in developing strategic and business plans

  • Thorough knowledge of outdoor programming and forces that influence the industry and the organization

  • Familiarity with outdoor program management best practices

  • Experience with or organizational and leadership skills

  • Experience with communication, interpersonal and presentation skills

  • Advanced competency in Microsoft Office and Google Workspace programs

  • Proven ability to create and handle complex projects

  • Ability to work well under pressure and be able to meet deadlines while maintaining a high degree of accuracy

  • Ability to motivate, negotiate and persuade diverse groups and individuals

  • Familiarity with the Bellingham community and trail systems.


COVID-19 Precaution(s):

  • Remote interview process

  • Majority of work will be done remotely, with some in field work in the summer under COVID protocols

  • Personal protective equipment provided or required when in the field

  • Social distancing guidelines in place

  • Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place

At Shifting Gears, all employees, board members and volunteers are expected to share and embody our values in the work that we do:

  • Everyone has the right to the outdoors and to be included in the outdoors.

  • Recreation improves quality of life, and every human deserves access to that resource.

  • Everyone deserves the gentle, helping hand in overcoming barriers in order to access recreation, improve their quality of life and experience joy.

  • Everyone deserves to feel emotionally safe to recreate how they choose.

  • Everyone should get to experience the joys and far-reaching effects that outdoor recreation has on our quality of life.

  • There is no wrong way to recreate in the outdoors.

  • Bravery is not defined by the fearless.


Instructions to apply - Please email the following to

  • Resume

  • Cover Letter - Please tell us why you are excited to join our team!

  • Three references

  • Your availability for a one hour interview the week of April 5th, 2021.

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Welcoming Recreation for All Women

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